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Welcome to Casa Advisor. By accessing or using our website, you, as a user, agree to follow these terms and conditions. Please note that we reserve the rights to change/modify these terms at our absolute discretion, and it is your responsibility to check our amended terms from time to time.


Before you visit any web-page, post any project or search for any professional, we suggest you to read our terms and other policies linked to our website carefully. As a user, it is mandatory for you to read and accept all the terms mentioned in this agreement, and by visiting this site, you are agreeing that these terms will be applied to you every time you visit any page of our website. Some sites (linked to our website) may have their own terms and conditions and it is your responsibility to check their terms before using their services. We also strongly recommend you to access and read the hyperlinked information (or the actual links mentioned in this document).


  • You must be at least 18 years of age in order to access our website.
  • You must acknowledge and agree to form legally binding contracts.
  • You must create an account on our website in order to use the services we offer. As a user, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account credentials and we are not responsible for any activity that takes place under your account. You, as a user, can inform us immediately in case you notice any unauthorized activity in your account. As a company, we also hold the rights to terminate your account at any time and for any reason.
  • You agree that you create account on our website for non-commercial purposes and we do not allow you to impersonate someone else. Creating multiple accounts on our website is not allowed.


Casa Advisor is not liable for any communication, activity and other content that is posted by users on our platform. Though we continuously monitor content, it might not be feasible for us to check each and everything and some of the content might not comply with our policies. However, we try our best to follow the legal regulations and remove content that violates our terms.

  • The company is not accountable for processing any content listed on our website. All the communications and activities are processed between the users.
  • You may also find some inappropriate, defamatory or offensive materials on our website, and as a company, we are not held liable for these materials or other intellectual property listed by our users. If these materials are lawfully consented, it will not be viable for us to remove any information. However, in the event you find anything violating our policies, you may report it to our customer support service, and a felicitous action will be taken against the user.

Providers Subscriptions & Fees:

Each category has its own credit amount as follows:

  • Flooring: $10 per credit
  • Painting: $10 per credit


It must be noted that each user has rights, powers and privileges to add their own content, business details, feedbacks etc., so we advise user to read each and every thing meticulously before taking any action.

  • We strongly condemn the use of defamatory language via messages, feedbacks, descriptions etc. Casa Advisor is a professional marketplace, and we expect imperforate professionalism from our users. If you find any suspicious activity or anything that undermines the integrity of our platform, please report it to our customer support and we will investigate the situation.


You must note that inappropriate or uncalled feedbacks are not acceptable and will be removed instantly. Your feedback will make easier for other users to make their decisions.

  • As a user, you must not create an account for the sole purpose of writing a negative feedback without any reason. You will not be able to amend your feedback. In case you, as a user, places a wrong feedback accidently, he/she or the actual business owner may contact us in order to get the feedback expunged from the listings and we will remove it after investigating the situation. In case the review is genuine, we will not remove it.


  • The business user acknowledges that the descriptions and other content must be legally binding. For instance, a business must not explicitly or implicitly inform that the item they sell is used for any illegal purpose.
  • We work closely with legal firms to ensure the policies are legally binding.

It must be noted that we may limit or cease some of the services in case we find out that our members are infringing the policies. You, as a user, are also permitted to report policy violations by contacting us.

In case we find your listings contravening any policy, we reserve the rights to remove that listing, and it might affect negatively to your account (which may also result into suspension or restriction). The users also agree and acknowledge that Casa Advisor does not conduct any background checks on users, so no responsibility can be held for any quality assurance of individual opportunities, business websites or assessment procedures, or compliance with a particular business organization's internal policies and regulations.

(The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002

The business owner must follow all the regulations defined under The Electronic Commerce Regulations. As a business owner, you must provide correct information in your profile, and the following information is mandatory:

  • Complete contact information of your information;
  • Information regarding the trade organization you belong to;
  • Information regarding the authorization scheme that is applied to your online business;
  • Correct representation of products

As a user, you agree that while you are using the site, you will not:

  • Violate or break any law, 3rd-party rights or policies.
  • Post offensive, misleading, inaccurate or false information (personal or otherwise).
  • Post spam or send bulk emails, unwanted chain letters or any pyramid schemes.
  • Knowingly plant viruses or anything that may harm the site or any of its users; post or send anything that is offensive, derogatory, profane or other means of abuse or harassment/anything that may bring harm to or incite the mistreatment of another person.
  • Copy the content from the website or contest to display along with listings from other sites/use any part of our site onto another site without our written consent.
  • Attempt to modify, change, disassemble or reverse engineer any software used by the site.
  • Copy or change rights or any other content from the Company’s copyrights / trademarks.
  • Collect other users’ information, such as email addresses, without being given consent.

Joining our platform is easy and free.

It must be noted that a username must NOT include elements such as your email address or website name, unless an element is included that clearly identifies you or your brand. For example, if you own a website named abc.co.uk, you are entitled to use xyz as an element of your username.

Closing Your Account:

In the event you wish to close your account, you are free to do so anytime you want. To initiate the process, you must contact our team regarding your request with a valid reason for the closure of your account.

As a user, you understand that we may pause your account for a certain period of time before we actually close your account. After this time period, we will close your account. In case you change your mind within this time-period, you are free to inform us and we will activate your account. Please note, we will not be able to restore your account once it is deleted.

No Warranty As To Content On The Website

The site is dynamic, and changes with time. Due to this, info on the site may change often. It is possible that some of this info may be seen as misleading, offensive or inaccurate. The site, services and all of the content on the site are offered on an ‘as is,’ 'with all faults' and 'as available' basis. No warranties of any kind are explicitly or implicitly stated.

There might be a “search” section on our website where you can enter keywords that will help you to narrow down on what material might be suitable for your needs, and thus we will be able to provide you with a shorter list that better matches your requirement. As a user, you understand that we will do our best to research and provide the best recommendations, however it is your choice to follow our advice or ignore it completely. As a Company, we are not liable for any problem/issue that might arise out of the material you see/use based on our recommendations.


  • This user agreement may be modified or revised at any time, and we will notify you via email.
  • In case you want a copy of these terms and conditions, please contact us and we will send a copy of these terms to your email.

In case there is any question regarding these terms, or you want to send your suggestions/recommendations, please contact us using the "Contact Us" page on our website.

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